Not a Love Song

Heyah people! Ooh, long time since I last blogged… Well here’s another poem by me 🙂 Grr, this title is already taken but idc 😛

I look at him, he looks at me

I look away, and honestly

I couldn’t say if it’s chemistry

Or the hormones in him and me

The club is loud, just past midnight

He makes his way upto my side

Says “hello” and I wanna fly

Just looking at those eyes

Takes my hand and takes my out

Cuz I’m losing it and perhaps he is too

This isn’t me, oh the night is long

And I hope he knows it’s not a love song

Then I wake up in the morning on the unknown bed

And think of everything that I should’ve said

Can’t stop this thumping in my head

Can’t think of anything but this

It wasn’t me and the night was long

And I guess he knew it’s not a love song

So this was just about it, hope you like it, if anyone has really been reading this… Drop me a line if you like it 🙂


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