I wasn’t the Best

My lovely readers, if there are any, I’m back with another work of mine which had been stuck up for some time… I’m sorry for the delay.
Anyways, about the poem, it is about how failure and more importantly, people’s opinion that causes one to think that being hidden is better than being the center of people’s expectations, I hope you enjoy reading 🙂 not.maybe.depends

Here goes

I’m okay if I’m suffocating all alone
I don’t care if I’ve been locked away home
I don’t see the point in being seen
If I can be hidden in the shadows

I will help you out just in case you need me
Though it seldom happens since you never meet me
I don’t see the point in letting people around
‘Cause when I needed the most world just stopped seeing me

Hope you understand I’m hopelessly hopeless
But it’s hopeless to hope you understand this mess
Gosh I’m confused what’s up with this
But I guess it’s okay to hope nevertheless

My life once wasn’t like it’s now
The world never stopped asking what or how
Everybody just expected of me
Not knowing what it’s like to be me

Never knew ’twas a crime to lose
Oh well, they disliked that I didn’t

Many learned people, not one wise
Not one who was sensitive to the story of my side
To give me a hand, nobody could rise
Look at, oh look at the world’s plight.

Not knowing how many scars they left
They left me too ’cause I wasn’t the best
Wasn’t, or couldn’t be, is ambiguous
What was best for me, wasn’t an option left

But now nothing hits me, not even the light
Dark soothes, dark smothers, light pierces
World doesn’t know how I am, alive or dead?
Who cares anyway, I wasn’t the best.

Well sorry about it being so twisted
But just in case you liked it, please drop me a line or follow for more poems that may or may not be like this one 🙂


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