The Star

Hello and welcome first timers and welcome back regulars(if any 😛 ) Ever wondered what a poem that is written sitting in the back of a car in limited light looks like? Here’s an example lol. It talks about two lovers who are far, far apart…

I never was the one who deserved love
Still I thought what you said was true
Burying the truth inside for a second
I decided instead to believe you
Knowing it would make me dream
Of lands I could never reach
Knowing when I fall back I am
Gonna get hit by reality.

You were a star above me, and I
A mere admirer who mistook your kind words
For love from high above
Oh, how stupid, how stupid of me
You were a star above me, and I
A mere dreamer who thought of love
As something one could find easily
Oh how stupid, how stupid of me.

Are you thinking of me too?
I wish I knew…

There lives the one I know
On sweet land below
So beautiful, so graceful
God bless you with all the love you deserve
I never thought someone I could
So badly, so desperately love
Never thought someone could
Be sweeter than chocolate fudge.

Wish you would love me please
Half of what I do and ease
The sorrow this solitude brings
To me and my aching heart.
High above you I feel nothing
But a dot of llight among millions
Whome you look at everyday and
Brush off into oblvion.

Oh I wish the kind words you said were true…

Oh I wish you knew how much I love you…

Really hope you enjoyed it 🙂 If you liked it, hit like or comment or follow or all, I mind none of them tbh. See you again soon with another piece of my heart ❤


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