Hello and welcome readers! Yes, I’m back in this entirely new year and new spirit, happy new year to y’all(I’m just slightly late, right?)! Anyways, I’ll talking a lot about that later, but first, I want you to read and enjoy this poem about the year gone, a goodbye message 😀

Goodbye forever, dear sixteen
Tis’ sad to see you leave, you’ve been
Weird, that’s the least I can say
Sometimes happy, and sad in a way

Sixteen, you made me kinda cynical
My inner peace suddenly turned radical
I can’t explain, it’s a bit typical
I, and the world perhaps, need a miracle?

This year, sixteen, I turned sixteen
It’s a mix – this teen, of nice and mean
Which is because of you, mind you my dear
Sixteen, you showed me far and near

You showed me people who cared no more
You showed me those who couldn’t care more
The fake ones, now out the door
I’m glad they are, I’ve the ones I adore

It hits me now how quick you’re leaving
It pricks me more than I’m ready to be believing
Just yesterday, I remember we met
All ready to begin, all fine, all set

But the days and weeeks
Passed quicker than we thought
Seasons came and went
Along they brought
Something serene, something mystic
Something memorable, the beauty
Of having you close, not forever but
Long enough for you to change me

You made me a better person
Yes, you, who’s ready to be done
You showed me how to pick myself up and run
And now I’m soppy to bid you bye, ’cause you and I
We had chemistry… maybe 😉

PS. All views expressed are personal. Readers may have had varied experiences through the year. The writer respects all opinions.

Okay guys, a very happy new year to all, once again. I hope we have a terrific time this year (and have the strength to deal with the shit that awaits us lol)
So this year, I’ve made a resolution to write more and better, which is why I’ll be posting every next week. Yay for me?! Also let meknow what your resolutions are, I’d love to hear from you guys ❤ That’s right.

Also, like, comment, follow, share and spread the love! I appreciate it all.

Signing off
Millenium(that’s my name fellas)


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