I Wish You Were Here

Hello readers!!! Keeping the resolution that I made, my second poem posted this year is here, in time. Only it was lying unposted in my notebook since last year. ;P Call me lazy. I hope you like it

I wish you were here
To write a melancholy on my skin
Melancholy so deep, with a knife so sharp
That it makes my sorrows seem small

Don’t comfort me, if you won’t, I’m fine
But hide the metaphors with real scars
That are worse than my deepest fears
That terrify and shiver my shallow soul

Love is a myth, I ask for it not
Mark me with your hatred instead
And I’ll cherish it, every bit of it.

Let the wrecked feelings ooze away with my blood
It is a holy sin, don’t shy from it
Oh, if only, you were here.

So that was it, and fun fact, I realized it is a fourteen line poem so I guess that makes it a kinda sonnet sans the rhyme scheme. 😀 I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Also, if you like this poem there is a nice chance you’ll like my other poems too, so just go on and read a few of them. Also, like, comment, follow and be awesome!

Love ya guys


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