I Miss You

Hello and welcome and a happy Valentine’s Day lovely readers! I’m back and no, I’m not in the Valentine’s mode, and this post isn’t about that whatsoever. I’m more of in the deserted girlfriend mode, only didn’t have a boyfriend to start with… Anyways! Here’s a poem that I wrote, I really hope you enjoy it.

Happy reading šŸ™‚

Where are you> I miss you ā¤
Oh my love, I want you
Don’t you leave me, oh believe me
When I say can’t, live without you

Let me know-o, that you’re ho-ome
Give me a sign, please don’t go-o
Are you okay? I don’t know, ‘kay?
So come to me, I am alo-one

Seconds feel like hours, running out of power
Tryna be strong but, feeling like a coward
I hope you’re well, praying for you
Just come back to me, I need you

Soooo that’s it, hope you liked it šŸ˜€

Also there’s an announcement to be made, I have my finals this and the next month so I shan’t be posting in a while. Meanwhile, you guys just stay awesome and like(that sweet little star below staring at you), comment, tell me what you think, re-share, and everything else! Follow me for a follow back šŸ™‚ And read my previous poems if you like this one :3

Love ya guys(again, this is NOT about V-Day)


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