Pretty Little Lies

Hello and welcome readers! I am back with a new poem that was kinda written in half slumber. Lol. Also, I’ve been busier than ever these days, what with school being like jail and all, which is why there hasn’t been a lot of activity going on here… Anyways! I hope you enjoy the poem as much as I was drowsy writing it.

Here goes

Pretty little lies, oh not so pretty after all
Pretty little lies, they made me wonder if at all
A pretty boy stays, over the mountains, past the lake
Pretty little lies, oh not so pretty after all

I saw him last night, in a tux, and a red tie
A flowy white dress – pretty – it was the best
He held my hand, the other at my waist and
We danced slowly to the voices of the trees

We talked in whispers, lest the stars should be disturbed
He told me all about it, about the mountains, about love
I smiled and whispered I’d like to be there
He said we were there, in his home – in love

Morning came and he- he said he had to leave
But promised he’d come back next night
Now they tell me it’s a lie
When I tell them he kissed me, won’t he tell them too?
It’s not a pretty little lie, and it’ll never be

Sooo that was it I hope you liked it and if you did, make sure you hit that pretty little(I’m almost sick of the phrase now) star below and show the love! Also comment/share/reblog/anything and go lie! No, don’t actually. 😛 But either way, lemme know what you think of the poem and whether you’d like to read more 🙂


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