Will you?

Hello and welcome my lovely readers! I’m baaack!!! *le gasp* With another poem after a literary crisis. I’m so glad I could write this, I really really hope you enjoy it 🙂

Here goes

Let those tears flow
Let my eyes go low
Let those sweet winds blow
Cuz all I want to know

Is whether you’ll be by my side when
I fall prey to this cold night and

Will you still be holding my hand
When I’m set to leave this land

Will you stroke my hair and say
That it’s all gonna be okay

Will you soothe my pain and ease me
Out of the tight grip that shall cease me

Will you stay on till my last breath
Chokes out of me and sends me to rest

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Have a great day homies!

Signing off

PS: I wrote this after reading two Hunger Games books, talk of inspiration


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