Ode to your Suffering

Hello readers and welcome to another of my scribbles, err, poems! I’ve wanted to write this for so long omg it hurts, but it’s done and ready for public scrutiny 😀 *cough cough*

CAUTION This is not an ode in the classic sense, I’m sorry, I’m not trying to cheat. Mew ❤

But I really hope you enjoy it

Here goes

When you don’t wanna wake up
Fearing you cannot make up
What you broke yesterday

When you can’t lift yourself
Cuz you know you can’t help
What awaits you today

When you know it’s gonna be a long day
And your goals and dreams seem miles away

Just know you’re not alone
Know there’s someone out there
They’ve got your back

When it feels like the burden of the world is upon you
And sorrow and regret get the best of you
Just know I’m always here, it’s once been on me too

 I know it’s gonna be hard
When we’ll be far apart
Know I’m still thinking of you
Today’s a beautiful day
You know the dark won’t stay
Because I’ve always got you

Thank you sooo much for reading and I hope you liked it, if you did, give it a big like(it’s that star thingy), comment below and follow for more poems like(or unlike) this one.

Signing off


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