Them Freaks

Hiyah, readers! As promised, here’s poem number two of the day 😀

Here goes

They’re always doing what they want to do
Because they’re free and have no fear of nobody
They roam about thinking of nothing but now they know no bounds
They love the sun and earth and everything they’ve been given
They’re great, they’re free and they’re like nobody they’re unique

They’ll make you smile, they’ll help you while
You’re struggling to carry on with your life
They’ll love you when you can’t love yourself
They’ll keep you when you’re alone in your hell
They’re always gonna be with you in your heart and mind

And they carry on while everything else falls
They’re gonna make it despite it all
They’re the best you could ask for they’re free like birds and brave like lions
They heal like water and burn like fire
They give like earth and flow like wind

They don’t give a damn what nobody thinks
They don’t judge, don’t push back, don’t discriminate
They’re free of all horrible preconceived notions
All they know is that you live but once
They don’t spoil it with dirt no fake no hurt no hate no envy

They’ve got them flaws and they wear them proud
They know what it’s like to be picked at aloud
And it makes them stronger
They’re the freaks, they’re oddities, the outcasts, the rebels
They’re here, among you and me
They’re one of us, they are beautiful.

That’s it for the day *exhales audibly* Alright my sweethearts, farewell for a while 🙂

Love y’all ❤


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