About this Unreal Chick

Millenium is a student who got the writing bug in her genes and began to write literature(Hah. Hah.) when she was seven. She’s an almost high school ¬†graduate, having borne her finals(Boards) with the utmost patience *snickers in the background*. She’s studied the sciences for two years and considers herself an expert on all matters scientific. She’s delusional.

She’s an amateur and hopes to be an established author and become famous and rich one day. We talked about her delusions.

When she’s not writing or staring at walls, you’re most likely to find her doing her ‘research’ or dancing and singing her heart out. There’s also a big chance you’ll catch her fussing over her hair or drinking green tea. It’s a long story. She likes to draw and paint too!

She’s always up for a nice chat, so you can drop her a line anytime¬†here.

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