Hi readers! Thanks for landing on this website, my little bubble. I’m Millenium Agrawal, a little poet/writer and I’ll be posting my work on here. My work in poetry is mostly about emotions, it’s nothing fancy, really, but a way to vent out, my creative outlet. This is why it’s called poetry gone mad. Hope you enjoy!


A New Day

Hellooww guys! How're y'all doing? I'm back today with another very fine specimen of human dumbness! Yay for me? *crickets* Haha never mind. Soo, this poem is about moving on from the past while keeping the lessons in mind, be it people or experiences. Annnnd I hope you enjoy it! Here goes Rays of light … Continue reading A New Day

No Manual

Helllooooo my homies! I'm back today... *looks at watch* this month... I think. *drumroll* WITH a new poem! 😀 *confetti* So guys these days I've sort of been on the mend from my issues and stuff, and it's going wonderful so far, and so, this poem talks of nothing but taking a positive stand on life, and … Continue reading No Manual

Them Freaks

Hiyah, readers! As promised, here's poem number two of the day 😀 Here goes They're always doing what they want to do Because they're free and have no fear of nobody They roam about thinking of nothing but now they know no bounds They love the sun and earth and everything they've been given They're … Continue reading Them Freaks