Hi readers! Thanks for landing on this website, my little bubble. I’m Millenium Agrawal, a little poet/writer and I’ll be posting my work on here. My work in poetry is mostly about emotions, it’s nothing fancy, really, but a way to vent out, my creative outlet. This is why it’s called poetry gone mad. Hope you enjoy!

Will you?

Hello and welcome my lovely readers! I'm baaack!!! *le gasp* With another poem after a literary crisis. I'm so glad I could write this, I really really hope you enjoy it 🙂 Here goes Let those tears flow Let my eyes go low Let those sweet winds blow Cuz all I want to know Is … Continue reading Will you?


Hello and welcome readers, my homies! Hell yeah, told ya I'll post soon. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, yet another poem that has barely been born :') I'm so proud of her. So. Here goes. I wanna reach out to you Wanna kiss you all the time I want you close the most … Continue reading Music

I Miss You

Hello and welcome and a happy Valentine's Day readers! I'm back and no, I'm not in the Valentine's mode, and this post isn't about that whatsoever. I'm more of in the deserted girlfriend mode, only didn't have a boyfriend to start with... Anyways! Here's a poem that I wrote, I really hope you enjoy it. Happy reading 🙂


Right, so this is only a coincidence that two consecutive posts of mine have similar titles. Hello and welcome wonderful readers to my beautiful blog! I'm here with a poem I wrote a few days back, and I think I like it. I hope you like it too! 😀 Happy reading... The world is the … Continue reading Mystery